Thermal Spray

Thermal Spray Tapes

Thermal spray masking tapes are designed to stick tenaciously and enable clean removal even after exposure to high temperatures. For metal or ceramic plasma spraying, arc spraying, metallizing, HVOF, and grit blasting, thermal spray tapes create a protective mask. 

Thermal spray tapes

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When thermal spraying is required, shielding mission-critical components from overspray and splash might be difficult. No matter the spray angle, base metal, temperature, or substrate, thermal spray solutions shield components from even the most relentless bombardments.  Thermal, Plasma, and HVOF tapes create a protective mask for metal or ceramic plasma spraying, arc spraying, HVOF, and grit blasting and are devoid of carbonising components.  Thermal spray masking tapes are designed to aggressively attach, guarantee sharp edges, and remove swiftly and thoroughly. There are single- and double-ply versions of these items available. Our double-ply tapes provide a cost-effective alternative to multi-layer masking even in the most demanding situations.



Components, parts, and equipment are protected by protective coatings from extremes, notably the weather and temperatures. Because they can perform a variety of tasks, thermal sprayed coatings are frequently used on aeroplanes. Things that have been thermal sprayed with a protective coating will be less affected by humidity, rain, and other environmental factors. Another industry that commonly employs these coatings is the automobile sector.


Reclamation and re-engineering of a wide range of rotating and moving components from equipment that is prone to wear, corrosion, or erosion, including machines of various shapes and sizes. Arc spray, flame spray, or high velocity oxygen furnace (HVOF) systems are used for this to spray steels, nickel alloys, carbides, stainless alloys, bronzes, copper, and many other materials.

Enhanced surface properties

Provides additional benefits of enhanced surface properties. Such as dielectric coatings, release coatings and traction coatings.

Erosion & Corrosion Resistant

A wide variety of components that operate in harsh settings where erosive forces like heat, corrosion, wear, and abrasion work together to shorten component life are covered with thermal sprayed coatings.