ESD Polyimide Tape

ESD polyimide tape includes a static dissipative polyimide film and pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). It offers outstanding thermal resistance and excellent electrical insulating properties. Ideal for applications where electrostatic discharge ESD is a concern.

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ESD anti-static polyimide film is a high-temperature insulating film and ideal for class F and H insulation. They are top coated with ESD coating to provide excellent anti static performance. While the CGS-7758BLX 1 mil black polyimide film is made with anti static additives, the ESD characteristics are inherently built into the film, providing more durability. Anti-static polyimide film has excellent high and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, and radiation resistance. It can be used for temperatures up to 400°C. They can be used as high-temperature insulation for electronic products and processed into anti-static high-temperature adhesive tapes. It has been widely used in aerospace, military, electronics and other industrial sectors.



ESD polyimide film is used in electrical, electronics, automotive, aerospace and medical industries where static dissipation is required and can also be die cut.


Polyimide films are lightweight, flexible, resistant to heat and chemicals. Therefore, they are used in the electronics industry for flexible cables and as an insulating film on magnet wire. With high temperature stability of the film, it is used as reliable insulation film in applications subjected to various types of environmental stresses. Polyimide can also be used as a substrate for cell phone antennas.


ESD polyimide tape is commonly used to mask gold contacts on PCBs or to protect sensitive components on circuit boards through manufacturing. It is effective for both hand-soldering and mass soldering applications, such as wave soldering. In the electronics industry, Kapton tape is applied to circuit boards before wave soldering to shield gold fingers from the solder material and prevent unwanted electrical connections. The tape is also easy to trim with a razor blade and can be used as a temporary dust cover for ports in devices.


Due to its large range of temperature stability, and its electrical isolation ability, anti static polyimide tape is usually used in electronic manufacturing as an insulation and protection layer on electrostatic sensitive and fragile components.

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