FEP (FN) polyimide film is made by coating polyimide film with fluoropolymer. Having similar performance as FN Kapton film and Apical Type AF, it is ideal for applications that require a material that is heat bondable or possesses moisture and chemical resistance.

  • Heat Bondable
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • High-Temperature Resistance

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Polyimide FEP FN film (similar to Kapton® FN) is made of coating Polyimide film with FEP fluorocarbon resin on one or both sides. It then goes through a sintering process at high temperature. This combines the excellent properties of Polyimide film and FEP resin, creating a high and low temperature resistant, radiation resistant, corrosion resistant material, with excellent electrical properties, superior dimensional stability and heat sealable properties. It is widely used for insulation in motor industries, in electrical apparatus, in the wrapping of cable and magnet wire and in heater manufacturing, along with many more fields.



Product Number Description Total Thickness Mils Tensile Strength psi Elongation(%) Dielectric Strength v/mil
CGS-7358(616) 0.1 Mil FEP/1 Mil Polyimide /0.1 Mil FEP 1.2 24,000 40 5000
CGS-7358(616B) 0.2 Mil FEP/1 Mil Polyimide /0.2 Mil FEP 1.4 24,000 40 4500
CGS-7358(616S) 0.3 Mil FEP/1 Mil Polyimide /0.3 Mil FEP 1.6 24,000 40 4500
CGS-7358(019) 1 Mil Polyimide /0.5 Mil FEP 1.5 24,000 40 4000
CGS-7358(029) 2 Mil Polyimide /0.5 Mil FEP 2.5 24,000 40 4200




Fused FEP FN kapton polyimide tapes are applied to conductors and jackets for high temperature wires. They possess excellent moisture and abrasion resistance; high dielectric strength and they retain much of their physical integrity even after exposure to gamma radiation. FEP is used as an adhesive binding agent in many stationary applications. The wire can potentially withstand 600°F for prolonged time periods due to bi-directional overlapping insulation design.


FEP FN polyimide film has the properties needed to provide a robust and sensitive diaphragm throughout a wide range of applications. Stainless steel foil remains a very good option for high temperature and high-pressure applications. However, for applications requiring ultra-low flow control, the polyimide diaphragm is the most promising candidate. Polyimide diaphragms have excellent sensitivity and low-flow capability. It is used in many automotive applications for monitoring of engine functions and auxiliary devices.

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