FEP Polyimide Film

CGS-7358 FEP polyimide series is made with general purpose polyimide film that is coated or laminated on one or both sides with FEP. Having similar performance as FN Kapton film and Apical Type AF. It is recommended in applications that require a heat bondable film, or moisture and chemical resistance beyond the capabilities of uncoated films.

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• Heat Sealability
• High Electrical Resistance
• High-Temperature Resistance
• Good Chemical Resistance


• Tubing
• Heater circuits
• Heat sealable bags
• Electrical insulation


• ASTM D-5213, type 2
• ROHS/Reach



CGS-7358 FEP polyimide film is a heat sealable grade that retains the unique balance of properties of polyimide film over a wide temperature range. This is achieved by combining polyimide film with FEP fluorocarbon resin in a composite structure.


Width: 1/4″ to 26″

Core ID: 3″ or 6″

Max OD: 9″ or 12″

Package: Flat pad, Step pack, Traverse pack



Product NumberDescriptionTotal Thickness MilsTensile Strength psiElongation(%)Dielectric Strength v/mil
CGS-7358(616)0.1 Mil FEP/1 Mil Polyimide /0.1 Mil FEP1.224,000405000
CGS-7358(616B)0.2 Mil FEP/1 Mil Polyimide /0.1 Mil FEP1.424,000404500
CGS-7358(616S)0.3 Mil FEP/1 Mil Polyimide /0.1 Mil FEP1.624,000404500
CGS-7358(019)1 Mil Polyimide /0.5 Mil FEP1.524,000404000
CGS-7358(029)2 Mil Polyimide /0.5 Mil FEP2.524,000404200