Corona Resistant (CR) Polyimide Film

Corona Resistant (CR) Polyimide film was designed to withstand the damaging effects of “corona” which can cause ionization and eventual breakdown of an insulation material or system when the voltage stress reaches a critical level.

  • Corona Resistant
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • High-Temperature Resistance

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Corona Resistant (CR) polyimide film is a homogeneous film possessing improved resistance versus traditional polyimide films when exposed to the damaging effects of coronal partial discharge. In addition to the corona resistant properties, it offers excellent, physical, electrical, thermal and chemical resistant characteristics expected with polyimide films. It can also be coated with pressure sensitive adhesive, or it can be coated with a FEP fluoropolymer creating FCR polyimide film.


Product Number Corona Resistant Polyimide Film Thickness Tensile Strength psi Elongation(%) Dielectric Strength v/mil
CGS-7658(1 mil) 1 Mil 24,000 40 6000
CGS-7658(2 mil) 2 Mil 24,000 40 5000


CR polyimide film has been developed for use as an electrically insulating material for high voltage environments where the potential for corona discharge is present. It is typically used in industrial motor and generator applications as magnet wire, turn to turn strands, coils, slot liners and ground insulation materials.


Some of the uses of corona resistant CR kapton polyimide film are in electrical applications such as coil insulation, capacitor and transformer wrapping or insulation, and magnetic wire insulation. The film can also be coated with heat fusible FEP fluoropolymer on one or both sides, creating FCR polyimide film. It offers excellent, physical, electrical, thermal, and chemical resistant characteristics expected with polyimide films. FCR019 has been developed for use as magnet wire insulation in rail traction, industrial motors and generators where there is a need for enhanced insulation life under partial discharge environments.
• AC Inverter Duty Motors
• Rail, Automotive Traction Motors
• Hydro, Wind Power Generators
• Transformers
• Magnet wire

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