Polyimide Tape

Double Sided Polyimide Tape

Double sided polyimide tape is coated on both sides with silicone or acrylic adhesives, It has superior dielectric strength, high temperature & chemical resistance. An excellent choice for high temperature masking and electrical insulation.
Double Polyimide1

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Double sided polyimide tape is ideal for fabricating or mounting applications that require adhesive on two sides. This tape is constructed to fill the requirements of a high-performance thermoplastic polyimide film along with the high temperature resistance of silicone adhesive for a broad range of electronic assembly and electrical insulation applications. For example, double sided polyimide tape has been used as a mounting system to manufacture photovoltaic panels (solar panels). It provides high temperature insulation, and its two-sided high temperature silicone adhesive limits the need for mechanical fastening.



High Temperature Mounting & Bonding

Double sided polyimide tape can be used as a high temperature mounting tape. It is coated with high temperature silicone adhesive, thus providing conformability, surface adhesion, and temperature resistance. They are commonly used in applications across a variety of markets including transportation, appliance, electronics, and general industrial purposes. It offers high temperature resistance up to 260 ˚C, allowing it to be bonded prior to powder coat or liquid painting processes. This reduces the number of leading to a more streamlined manufacturing process.

Electronics Manufacturing

Due to its large range of temperature stability, and its electrical isolation ability, anti static polyimide tape is usually used in electronic manufacturing as an insulation and protection layer on electrostatic sensitive and fragile components.