HN Polyimide Film

Polyimide film is synthesized by polymerizing an aromatic dianhydride and an aromatic diamine. It possesses a unique combination of properties, including excellent electrical and physical properties over a wide range of temperatures.

  • UL Listed
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Mechanical toughness
  • Temperature Rating: 400 deg C

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Polyimide film possesses excellent chemical resistance; there are no known organic solvents for the film. It is self-extinguishing with UL-94 V-0 rating, making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications in many different industries, including wire and cable, coil insulation, substrates for flexible printed circuits, motor slot liners, magnet wire insulation, transformer and capacitor insulation. It also has the ability to provide excellent electrical insulation and dimensional stability.

CGS Polyimide films are available in various thickness, ranging from ultra-thin 0.5 mil to thick 10 mil. Layers of film can even be laminated together to create an ultra-thick film, up to 20 mils. Our film has a maximum width of 40 in. (1016 mm) with continuous lengths from 1000 to 10,000 ft. (3000 m). Material can be supplied on 3″ and 6″ cores. For custom width or length, CGS also has in house slitting and rewinding capabilities.

In addition to the standard HN version, CGS polyimide films are available with the following coating or additives:

  • Heat Sealable
  • Thermo Conductive
  • Corona Resistant
  • Anti Static
  • Metalized
  • Pigmented for color


Product Number Polyimide Film Thickness Tensile Strength psi Elongation(%) Dielectric Strength v/mil
CGS-7258(0.5mil) 0.0005″ 24,000 40 6000
CGS-7258(1 mil) 0.001″ 24,000 45 6000
CGS-7258(2 mil) 0.002″ 24,000 50 5000
CGS-7258(3 mil) 0.003″ 24,000 50 4500
CGS-7258(4 mil) 0.004″ 24,000 50 4000
CGS-7258(5 mil) 0.005″ 24,000 50 3500
CGS-7258(6 mil) 0.006″ 24,000 50 3500
CGS-7258(7 mil) 0.007″ 24,000 50 3300
CGS-7258(8 mil) 0.008″ 24,000 50 3100
CGS-7258(9 mil) 0.009″ 24,000 50 3000
CGS-7258(10mil) 0.01″ 24,000 50 3000


Polyimide film, such as Kapton brand, can be used in a vast variety of applications. It is an effective substrate for flexible printing circuits, capacitor insulation, transformer, bar-code labels, and sensors. It can also be used for wire and cable tapes, magnetic wire insulation and tubing. . The distinct combination of physical properties possessed by polyimide film makes it an ideal fit for numerous applications across many industries.


Polyimide films are lightweight, flexible, and resistant to heat and chemicals. As a result, they are used in the electronics industry for flexible cables and as an insulating film on magnet wire.


Polyimide film possesses a high mechanical stability even at elevated temperatures, making them ideal to be used as gaskets, filters or constructive parts in demanding applications.


With the high temperature stability of the polyimide film, it can be used as a reliable insulation film in applications subjected to various types of environmental stresses. Polyimide can also be used as a substrate for cell phone antennas.