Nomex Kapton NKN

Nomex Kapton (NK and NKN) laminates are duplex and triplex laminates constructed of Dupont NOMEX paper bonded to kapton polyimide film with high temperature adhesive system.

  • Good dielectric properties
  • High heat resistance
  • Thermal endurance and Class H categorization
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Nomex Kapton NK and NKN are duplex and triplex insulation laminate materials made of calendered DuPont™ Nomex bonded to polyimide film with a proprietary high temperature adhesive. The materials are designed not to delaminate or blister at high temperatures. The polyimide film in these 2 and 3-ply laminates contributes high dielectric strength, as well as good initial tear strength and tensile properties. The Nomex paper provides long term thermal stability, as well as improved propagation tear strengths. Excellent Class H insulation.

CGS can also slit,sheet and die cut material to your specification, saving your time and materials.


Nomex tends to usually be a white color. Kapton Polyimide often appears brown.

Standard Size

• Nomex-kapton polyimide-Nomex (NKN) is manufactured in thicknesses range of 0.006″ – 0.016″.
• Standard size is 36″ x 50 Yds, can be slit to required width.
• Can be punched or cut to desired form or shape.

Nomex Kapton Specifications


Product Number CGSTAPE-7958UnitBacking
Nominal Thickness6789101416
Product Yieldlb/Syd0.280.350.370.430.510.670.81
Tensile Strength (min)         MDlb/inch100120118148170250300
Elongation (min)          Unfold%10101010101010

Breakdown Voltage (min)   Unfold



Bond Strength At Room Temp.No Delamination
Bond Strength At 200±2C,10min.No Delamination, No Blister, No Adhesive Flow

Nomex Kapton Applications


Nomex Kapton is a highly performing solution for the insulation of electric motors and more generally rotating machines with working tem­peratures up to 200°C. These include uses such as slot liners, wedges and phase insulation in motors and generators which have thermal requirements above Class H applications.

Nomex kapton being used in electric motor