PTFE Glass Cloth Tape

PTFE glass cloth tape has a brown woven glass cloth backing impregnated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). This tape provides a slick surface on process machinery and offers and extremely low coefficient of friction which, in combination with a pressure sensitive adhesive, creates a non-stick surface that performs at elevated temperatures. Tape can be supplied with or with liner.


• Nonstick Surface
• Good Chemical Resistance
• High Tensile
• High-Temperature Resistance


• Nonstick Surface for Paints
• Heat-Sealing Machine
• Conveyor Belts
• Thermal Insulation



Product NumberBacking / AdhesiveTotal
Adhesion to
Steel oz/in
Tensile Strength
Dielectric Strength
Total Volts
CGSTAPE-61563 Mil PTFE Glass Cloth / Acrylic5351002400155℃
CGSTAPE-61573 Mil PTFE Glass Cloth / Silicone5301002400260℃
CGSTAPE-61585 Mil PTFE Glass Cloth / Silicone7301803000260℃
CGSTAPE-615910 Mil PTFE Glass Cloth / Silicone12302256000260



PTFE adhesive tapes come with a high-quality silicone or acrylic adhesive for outstanding performance. The PFTE coating provides optimal release, dimensional stability and outstanding heat resistance (silicone, 500° F; acrylic, 350° F). PTFE adhesive tapes have low friction and function well as electrical insulation.

PTFE Glass Tape

This pressure-sensitive tape, which comes with either a silicone or an acrylic adhesive, has a PFTE coating that offers excellent heat resistance, strength, dimensional stability, a nonstick surface and exceptional wear life. Two grades are available: standard and premium. Standard grade is the preferred choice for most adhesive applications. It has a smooth surface and outstanding nonstick properties. Premium grade has an even smoother surface and can meet the needs of even the most demanding applications.

PTFE Glass Zone Tape

PTFE glass zone tape is a double-sided tape used to create custom adhesive zones. The adhesive is available in either silicone or acrylic.