Thermal Conductive Polyimide Film (MT)

The thermal conductive MT polyimide film series offers enhanced thermal conductivity properties. Its excellent combination of electrical properties, thermal conductivity, and mechanical toughness makes it ideal for electronic and heat management applications.

  • Thermal Conductive
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • High-Temperature Resistance

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Thermal conductive polyimide film (MT) combines high thermal conductivity with excellent electrical, physical, and mechanical strength. Thus, these properties make it ideal for applications that require efficient thermal energy transfer. Use it in loudspeaker voice coil frames, electrical insulating pads, and flexible printed boards. Additionally, you can coat the film with FEP fluoropolymer resin or pressure-sensitive adhesives.


Product Number Film Thickness Tensile Strength psi Elongation(%) Dielectric Strength v/mil
CGS-7458(1 mil) 1 Mil 24,000 40 6000
CGS-7458(2 mil) 2 Mil 24,000 40 6000


Thermal Conductive Kapton Heater

Flexible Heater

MT polyimide film offers a balance of electrical, thermal, mechanical, physical, and chemical properties. Thus, this combination makes it unique for industrial use. Combine it with etched foil elements to create thin, flexible, heat-conductive, customizable heaters.

Thermal conductive pads

Thermal Pads

First, create thermal pads by coating thermal conductive MT polyimide film with thermally conductive acrylic adhesive and silicone rubber. Consequently, these pads minimize thermal resistance between a power semiconductor’s external package and the heat sink. Furthermore, they electrically isolate the semiconductor from the heat sink, providing high dielectric strength. As a result, this combination ensures efficient heat management and reliable performance in high-temperature environments.