Polyester tape

Polyester tape exhibits excellent conformability and high dielectric strength per mil of thickness. Designed to perform in difficult masking operations such as the masking of surfaces during application of durable powder coating.

  • Clean Removal
  • Good Adhesion
  • Excellent electrical properties

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Polyester tape features a tough, high tensile strength, even with a thin backing that resists slivering and stretching. Pressure sensitive adhesives including acrylic, rubber and silicone, are used to meet specific requirements, such as high temperature bake cycles. These flexible tapes offer excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Recommended for masking, splicing and insulating as well as demanding applications in graphic arts, photography, metal finishing and electronics.
Works in demanding conditions and high temperatures.
Clean removal during high-temperature masking operations.
Polyester tape excellent thermal resistance while maintaining flexibility.
Linered version available



Product Number Polyester Backing Thickness Mil Adhesive Colour Total Thickness Mil Adhesion to Steel oz/in Dielectric Strength v/mil Operating Temperature ℃
CGSTAPE-5158 1 Acrylic Yellow, Clear, Black 2.5 35 4200 155℃
CGSTAPE-5258 1 Rubber Yellow, Clear, Black 2.5 45 4200 155℃
CGSTAPE-5358HA 1 Silicone Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Clear, Black 2.7 35 4200 200℃
CGSTAPE-5458 2 Silicone Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Clear, Black 3.5 30 7000 200℃
CGSTAPE-5558 5 Silicone Blue, Green 6.5 30 10000 200℃



Polyester Tape As Powder Coating Masking

High temperature polyester masking tape is ideal for powder coating masking application. It is coated with high temperature silicone adhesive and possesses clean removal capability.

Tape & Film Splicing

Splicing tapes are used to join the end of a roll of material to the beginning of a new roll, eliminating additional set ups and avoiding valuable down time. CGS polyester splicing tape includes tapes designed to work in a variety of splicing applications, including paper, film and other products, ranging from moderate to aggressive adhesives.

Electrical Insulation

Polyester tape is thin, conformable, tough, and highly tear resistant. It is recommended for insulating connections, crossover insulation and barrier insulation on small bobbin wound coils, and for holding layer and barrier insulation on stick wound coils.