Glass Filament Tape

Glass filament tape features high tensile strength, conformable backing and aggressive adhesive for a large variety of insulating and holding applications. This tape is resistant to chemicals, solvents and aging and offers a high dielectric strength and insulation resistance.

  • UL Listed
  • Enhanced Adhesion
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Glass filament tapes are rolls of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape composed of polyester film backing with reinforcing filaments.  These tapes offer high tensile strength, high dielectric strength, excellent adhesion, and cohesive strength in a wide variety of environments. Adhesives of thermosetting rubber and acrylic are available to meet all varying temperature. Glass filament tape is especially suited for such applications as lead anchoring and banding of coils where high edge-tear resistance and low stretch under application tension are needed.

  • Filaments provides additional reinforcement
  • Suitable for anchoring end-turn tapping and lead wires to banding coils
  • Offers good initial adhesion to magnet wire, strip copper and insulation materials
  • Provides stiffness for excellent handling during coil-winding operations

Standard Size

Width: 1/4″-40″

Length: 60 Yards

Glass Filament Tape Specifications


Product NumberPolyester Glass Backing ThicknessAdhesiveTotal Thickness milsAdhesion to Steel oz/inTensile Strength lbs./inDielectric Strength Total VoltsOperating Temperature ℃
CGSTAPE-66586.5 MilAcrylic7.5453006000155℃
CGSTAPE-67585.5 MilRubber7502205000130℃

Glass Filament Tape Applications


Transformer & Motor Winding

Glass filament tape is ideal for transformers, motor winding and low voltage applications that require dielectric and mechanical strength. This conformable tape offers excellent dielectric strength, low stretch and high tensile strength. The unique coating on this tape supports excellent bonding with diamond paper, insulation epoxy during the transformer baking process. The tape is ideal for anchoring end turn tapping and lead wires to banding coils and it provides stiffness for excellent handling during coil winding operations. UL Listed and RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant.