CGS premium grade PTFE film is manufactured from the highest quality virgin PTFE resins and which is designed to meet the requirements of most electrical, mechanical and industrial application.[


• Excellent Service and Availability
• Outstanding heat and Chemical Resistance
• Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Applications


• Capacitor Films
• Harnesses for Electrical Wiring
• Spacers for Transformers

Product NumberDescriptionDensity (g/cm3)Tensile Strength psiElongation(%)Dielectric Strength v/mil
CGS-1258(1 mil)1 Mil Skived PTFM Film2.13-2.1930002003000
CGS-1258(2 mil)2 Mil Skived PTFM Film2.13-2.1930002003000
CGS-1258(3 mil)3 Mil Skived PTFM Film2.13-2.1930002003000
CGS-1258(5 mil)5 Mil Skived PTFM Film2.13-2.1935003002000
CGS-1358(3 mil)3 Mil Unsintered PTFM Film1.50-1.701800502500