High Temp Paper Masking Tape

High temperature paper masking tape with a pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive. Designed for clean removal from a variety of surfaces after exposure to oven temperatures to 325℉(163℃) for 30 minutes
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CGS 4858 masking tape is a premium, high performance crepe paper masking tape, designed to create super-sharp paint lines in most industrial painting situations, including high-temperature bake cycles of up to 325°F for 30 minutes. It also provides clean, one-piece removal and allows for instant adhesion to metal and other surfaces, as well as resisting lifting or curling for super-sharp paint lines. The tape conforms and maintains integrity when formed around a corner. The backing is also easy to tear, resists slivering and provides one-piece removal. It dispenses evenly, with a smooth, controlled unwind and is less likely to tear off the roll.


Paper Masking Tape Applications

Paper masking tapes are used in commercial applications such as indoor painting, brushing and spraying air drying paints, masking metals, high temperature masking like powder coating, protection against damage, protection and masking during sandblasting and protection against abrasion. It is easy to use and performs well in wet strip applications. The smooth crepe backing exhibits high strength, excellent conformability to irregular surfaces and exceptional cornering and it provides resistance to paint flaking and a clean, well-defined paint line.

Paper Masking Tape for Powder Coating

It is ideal for use in powder coating masking application. It is coated with high temperature rubber adhesive that can withstand up to 325℉(163℃) for 30 minutes. For a higher temperature, polyester masking tape would be a better choice.


In the transportation industry, paint jobs often require masking tapes that can withstand multiple high-temperature drying cycles. As trains and yachts are regularly stored outside after masking, the tapes must also be very UV-resistant, while simultaneously able to hold heavy masks in place.


Paper masking tapes are essential for painting and provide perfect, sharp edges – easy to use and removable without residue even from delicate surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.