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Acetate Tape

CGSTAPE acetate cloth insulation tape with imported acetate fiber backing, the acetate cloth insulating tape is highly resistant to heat, aging, and exhibits stable characteristics.

Cotton Tape

Cotton is strong and cost-effective for a variety of electrical applications. With their heat resistance and insulation property, they are often used as bindings of coils for electrical machinery and appliance.

Fiber Glass Tape

Woven fiberglass tapes have a wide range of uses in the electrical equipment market. They provide excellent tensile strength, electrical insulation, thermal insulation, dimensional stability and thermal endurance.

Fiberglass Sleeving

Coated braided fiberglass sleeving for Insulation Class B(130℃), Class F(155℃) and Class H(200℃) that meet electrical, as well as thermal and mechanical requirements. We also offer uncoated and resin saturated high temperature, fray-resistant, braided and knitted fiberglass sleeving.

Glass Filament Tape

Features high tensile strength and conformable backing with aggressive adhesive for a variety of heavy-duty insulating and holding applications. This tape is very resistant to chemicals, solvents, and aging, and offers high dielectric strength and insulation resistance.

High Temp Paper Masking Tape

Beige, high-temperature fine crepe paper masking tape with a pressure-sensitive rubber/resin adhesive. Designed for clean removal from a variety of surfaces after exposure to oven temperatures to 325℉(163℃) for 30 minutes (time and temperature determined by surface). Performs well in wet strip applications. It is easy handling, smooth crepe backing exhibits high strength, excellent conformability to irregular surfaces and exceptional cornering. Provides resistance to paint flaking and a clean, Well-defined paint line.

Single Coated HN Polyimide Tape

Polyimide Tape has superior dielectric strength, high temperature & chemical resistance; tear, puncture & abrasion resistant. An excellent choice for high temperature masking and electrical insulation.