ESD Polyester Tape

ESD Polyester Tape

ESD polyester tape is treated with anti static top coat. This tape is used for masking of printed circuit boards during conformal coating, amongst other applications. It leaves no adhesive residue after removal.

  • Anti Static
  • Good Adhesion
  • Clean Removal

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ESD anti static polyester tapes are made from 1 mil thick polyester film with 1.5 mil of silicone adhesive. They are designed for use in production areas where a static free environment is required e.g. printed circuit board assembly sealing, repair and labelling of anti-static bags for circuit board and component packaging mounting of electronic components and circuit boards during testing procedures. These tapes are tear resistant and removes without leaving any residue. The roll is also marked with an ESD symbol at the tab of the roll, for easy identification.

  • Prevents damage to sensitive electronics.
  • Durable static dissipate surface
  • ESD polyester tape has low peel voltage
  • Dimensionally stable at high temperatures
  • Heat, cold, solvent and voltage resistance



Product Number Backing Thickness Adhesive Total Thickness Mils Adhesion to Steel oz/in Dielectric Strength Total Volts Operating Temperature ℃
CGSTAPE-5958 1 Mil Silicone 2.5 30 4200 200℃
CGSTAPE-5958HA 1 Mil High Adhesion Silicone 2.5 40 4200 200℃
CGSTAPE-5968 2 Mil Silicone 2.5 30 4200 200℃




Antistatic tape is especially suited for office, clean room and workstation use, closing static shielding bags, container sealing/holding and label stock. ESD polyester tape is also great for masking electro-static sensitive devices and components, shipping and storage of electro-static charged materials, static dissipation and electrical insulation between flex circuits and electrical components. It is also used for taping conductive polypropylene hardcases for the transportation and storage of die within static sensitive environments.

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