Polyimide Tape

Polyimide tape, also known as Kapton tape, has excellent physical, electrical, and mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures. This makes them an excellent choice for any high temperature and electrical insulation application. Such examples include, but are not limited to, coil insulation, magnetic wire insulation, automotive and aerospace electronics, high temperature powder coating masking and masking of printed circuit boards in the wave soldering process.

• Good Chemical Resistance
• High Electrical Resistance
• High-Temperature Resistance

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Polyimide high temperature tapes are manufactured by coating the polyimide film with a desired adhesive system, with the film thickness ranging from 0.5 mil to 10 mils, adhesive thickness of 0.5 mil to 2 mils. CGS has the capabilities to coat both silicone and acrylic adhesives that can be removed cleanly, leaving no residue in high temperature applications. We have also developed specialty adhesive systems such as:

  • low outgassing
  • ultra thin
  • high temperature
  • high tack

Polyimide tape is naturally an amber color, but through our process, the tape can also be supplied in other colors, such as green, red, or clear, which makes it easier for color coding.


Max temp

Standard polyimide film tape with silicone adhesive can be used in applications up to 260°C/500°F. For even higher temperature resistance, our HT version uses a special grade of silicone adhesive that allows the tape to go 300°C/572°F.


Shelf life

The standard shelf life for polyimide with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) is 2 years from date of manufacture when stored in room conditions with a temperature of 75 degrees F and a relative humidity of 50%.


Standard Size

Width: 1/8″ – 20″

Length: 36 Yards – 1500 Yards

Polyimide Tape Specifications


Product Number

Polyimide Backing Thickness 

AdhesiveTotal Thickness MilsAdhesion to Steel oz/inDielectric Strength v/milOperating Temperature ℃
CGSTAPE-82570.5 Mil Thin Silicone1.512.53000260
CGSTAPE-8257S0.5 Mil Ultra Thin Silicone112.53000260
CGSTAPE-81581 Mil Acrylic2.5256500150
CGSTAPE-8158FR1 Mil Flame Retardant Acrylic2.5256500150
CGSTAPE-8158M1 MilLow Outgassing Acrylic3.3406500150
CGSTAPE-82581 Mil Silicone2.5256500260
CGSTAPE-8258HT1 MilHigh Temperature Silicone2.5256500300
CGSTAPE-83582 MilSilicone3.52511000260
CGSTAPE-8358HT2 Mil High Temperature Silicone3.52511000300
CGSTAPE-83592 Mil Acrylic3.52511000150
CGSTAPE-84603 MilSilicone4.52515000260
CGSTAPE-84585 Mil Silicone6.52518000260
CGSTAPE-8459S5 Mil High Temperature Acrylic6.52518000200


Polyimide Tape Applications


Their properties make them an excellent choice for any high temperature and electrical insulation applications, such as coil insulation, magnetic wire insulation, automotive/aerospace electronics, high temperature powder coating masking and masking of printed circuit boards in the wave soldering process.


Electrical Insulation

Some of Kapton tape’s primary uses are in electrical applications such as coil, capacitor, and battery pack lead insulation. It is also great for high heat environments, such as consumer electronics.



Polyimide tape is used to insulate wiring on satellites, spacecraft and launch vehicles because of its thermal insulation and radiation resistance properties. It is also used as wire and cable insulation on aircraft because of its high mechanical strength, dielectric and thermal insulation properties.


High Temperature Masking

Polyimide tape is ideal for use in high temperature applications up to 560°F/300°C. It’s amber color ensures easy identification and alignment. The high dimensional and exceptional tensile strength of this polyimide tape allows it to break through cured paint without silvering or tearing. Common uses include masking parts for powder coating, masking edges of overlap seams, e-coating, electroplating, anodizing and as a barrier of separation for dissimilar metals. It resists shrinking, curling and edge lifting and removes with zero adhesive residue.

PCB polyimide
polyimide tape on battery pack