Fiberglass Tape

Fiberglass tapes have a wide range of uses in the electrical equipment market. They provide excellent tensile strength, electrical insulation, thermal insulation, dimensional stability and thermal endurance.

  • Heat, Spark and Flame Resistant
  • Superior Electrical Properties
  • High Tensile Strength

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Fiberglass tapes are narrow widths of woven fabric woven from E-glass fibers with a strong selvage edge. This prevents fraying and unraveling of fabric the edges. The narrow widths eliminate the cutting of wider fiberglass fabrics down to size and increases accuracy and productivity. Their finished edges offer easier handling and a clean, finished appearance, and keep the tape from unraveling. It also have low smoke emission, excellent abrasion resistance, and thermal insulation properties, and they can be heat treated to minimize fraying when they undergo fabrication. Fiberglass tapes, though the term “tape” implies it, they do not have an adhesive backing. They are simply fabrics. (For adhesive backed, Glass Cloth Tape)




Product Number Thickness (mils) Width (inch) Density (strand/cm) Tensile Strength lbs(N/cm) Texture
Nominal Tolerance Warp Weft
CGS-3357 4 3/4″, 1″ ±0.05 22±1 11±1 228(400) Plain Weave
CGS-3358 5 1″, 2″ ±0.05 27±2 11±1 340(600) Plain Weave
CGS-3458 7 1″, 1.5″ ±0.05 20±1 10±1 397(700) Plain Weave
CGS-3558 10 1″, 1.5″ ±0.05 19±1 11±1 450(800) Plain Weave


Fiberglass Tape is ideal for selective reinforcement of laminates. It can also be used for sleeve, pipe, or tank winding. Use it to join seams in seperate parts and molding. The tightly woven tapes offer more uniformity and are highly drapable.

Electrical Tapes

Woven fiberglass tape have a wide range of uses in the electrical equipment market: Transformers, motors, generators, switch gears, consumer appliances. Often used in electronic equipment to insulate, seal, or strengthen their various components.

Composite Reinforcement

Fiberglass are suitable for use in wet layup, vacuum bagging and resin infusion manufacturing.