Cloth Tape

Cloth Tape

Cloth Tapes consist of cotton, polyester, acetate, nylon, rayon woven or non woven fabrics with acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive. Often the cloth is coated with materials such as foil, PTFE, polyethylene, silicone, rubber or vinyl, making the tape flexible, durable, waterproof, fire-resistant or otherwise distinctive.

Woven fabrics are created by weaving or knitting yarns while nonwoven fabrics are made of natural or synthetic fibers interlocked mechanically. Nonwoven fabrics have diverse properties, such as stretch, resilience, absorbency, liquid repellency, flame retardancy.


High Temperature Masking Tape

Glass cloth tape is made of woven fiberglass backing coated with silicone adhesive, making it flame retardant and great for thicker coat and high-temperature applications (260°C). It is strong, thick and is highly conformable for masking uneven surfaces or irregular shapes.Glass cloth tape is commonly used in powder coating because of this, but should not be used during e-coating due to its porous material.

Wire Harness Tape

Wire harness coverings need to securely bundle harnesses and withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. Products for the engine compartment have to be highly resistant to abrasion, for instance, while in the car interior, tapes are applied to reduce noises. We offer an extensive range of wire harness tape solutions made of glass cloth and acetate cloth combined with high-quality adhesives.

For heat reflective application, we also have aluminum glass cloth tape. It is a strong and flexible tape with high tensile strength, puncture and tear resistance. This tape is light and heat reflective, plus it resists flame, moisture, weather and UV degradation.

Polyester Film/Glass Filament Electrical Tape

Glass filament and glass cloth tapes process conformable backing and aggressive adhesive for a variety of heavy duty insulating and holding applications. These tape is very resistant to chemicals, solvents and aging, and offers high dielectric strength and insulation resistance. Perfect for lead and saddle tie down, bundling motor and transformer coils and coil covering applications.

Woven fiberglass provide excellent tensile strength, electrical insulation, thermal insulation, dimensional stability and thermal endurance. It has a wide range of application in transformers, motors, generators, switch gears, and electronic equipments. It is used to insulate, seal, or strengthen components.

Woven cotton tapes are used to wrap armatures, field coils, field coil supports, and transformer windings. They are also used as a sacrificial item in resin or shellac coating processes.

Fiberglass sleevings are manufactured by impregnating and coating a finely braided fiberglass with a dielectric resins. It is widely used on leads and crossovers in motors, and in dry and oil-filled transformers

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