Pressure sensitive adhesive tape


Pressure sensitive adhesive tape (a.k.a. PSA tape) is a major category of adhesive tapes. They possess the ability to bond a variety of surfaces together and are relatively thin and flexible. As such, it can be used in consumer applications like mounting photos; it has uses in industrial applications as well. With four main categories of PSA tape, we at CGS are certain we have the product that best fits your needs.


Single-sided tape possesses the adhesive backing on only one side, which can be made of a variety of web-based materials, such as film, paper, foil, fabrics, or foam. The top of the backing’s release coating exists to make the tape easier to handle and unwind. Meanwhile, the bottom of the backing is coated with a primer to ensure the adhesive layer bonds to a target material. For their usages, single-sided tapes are used in athletic tape, HVAC applications, electrical tape, medical bandages, surface protection/patching and more.


Double-sided tape utilizes the same backing materials as single-sided tape, with the difference being that the backing is coated on both sides as opposed to just one. The tape is topped with a release liner of film material to prevent the adhesive from sticking to itself. Note that different adhesives can also be used on each side. These tapes are used for photo and sign mounting, laminate tape, product assembly, carpet tape and more.


A transfer tape, also known as an unsupported tape, lacks a backing/primer and is a release liner coated solely with pressure-sensitive adhesive. The transfer tape only transfers the adhesive to the intended surface, this leaving another adhesive side out. In essence, it acts like a line of glue that you would place on a surface. The usage of these tapes stems from their ability to be converted into other adhesive products. They can also be utilized to bond to two items together.

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