How to estimate the length of a roll?

Roll Length Calculator

Creative Global Services (CGS) is a leading adhesive tape and films solutions provider. We develop products that support varied industries such as aerospace, power, automobiles, oil, electronics, and other fields. These materials, such as pressure-sensitive adhesives, tapes, films, cloths, foils, are frequently supplied in jumbo or master logs.

CGS doesn’t just supply quality products; we develop solutions for your requirements, developed on time whenever you need them. Thus we also use many converting techniques to slit, combine and laminate. Most of these are supplied to our customers on rolls. Predicting the length of the material on the roll, or the outside diameter of the roll can be useful in our operations and in our customers’ processes.

To this end, we are happy to offer a helpful roll length calculator on our website. It calculates the rolled length of a roll of material when the OD, thickness of the material and the diameter of the core are given. The Stretch and softness of the material and how tight the material is wounded are not included in this calculation.

Example 1: Roll Length
You might want to figure out how much material is still on a partially used roll. You can estimate this using the Roll Length Calculator. For example:

We have one roll of 0.001” thick Kapton film.
The OD of the core is 3″
The leftover roll has an OD of 5”
Entering the above information into the calculator, IThe length is approximately 1047.20 feet.

ESD Polyimide Film 2

Example 2, Roll OD
Many clients that use our tape or film on rolls prefer large jumbo rolls to reduce roll change. It will be helpful to predict the OD of the material so that you will know how the material will fit on the machine. For example:

CGS polyester tape has a total thickness of 0.0035”.
The OD of the core is 3”
The length of the roll is 2000 feet.
Using the roll diameter calculator, You can try different numbers in the Roll Outer Diameter (in), until the length is near 2000ft. With trial and error, we can estimate that this roll of tape will be about 12” OD.

100 micron PET Transparent Film picture

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