Skived PTFE Tape is made with polytetrafluoroethylene and a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive on one side. Skived PTFE tape is highly conformable with 300% elongation. PTFE tape features superior insulating strength, is non-stick, flexible, high temperature, as well as chemical, heat & moisture resistant. Other properties include no porosity, excellent release, and of course it has a super-low coefficient of friction. Also used as an insulating and masking tape.

Our skived PTFE sheets provide unsurpassed precision and cleanliness for a wide range of critical applications, including tank lining in the chemical processing and semiconductor industries, where the prevention of leakage and contamination is vital to material purity and integrity.

Skived PTFE sheets and films are available in a wide range of materials and in continuous rolls or cut to your desired length. We offer standard or custom widths to help you reduce scrap and waste. We can also laminate, punch, or die cut all of our skived PTFE sheet and film products. All our skived PTFE sheets and films can be furnished with one or both surfaces etched for adhesive bonding.


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slick surface PTFE film tapes with silicone adhesive

Skived PTFE Tape

Skived PTFE Tape Polyimide has superior dielectric strength, high temperature & chemical resistance; tear, puncture & abrasion resistant. An excellent…

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