Protective Tape

Polyester and PE protective tape with separate release liner is used to protect glass plastic and metal of electronics devices. Adhesion could be adjusted between low and medium. Provide excellent protection and leaves no residue.


• Good Puncture Resistance
• High Clarity
• Clean Removal


• Surface Scratches Protection

Product NumberBacking/AdhesiveBacking Thickness milsAdhesive Thickness (mil)Adhesion to
Steel (g/25mm)
Bond Type
CGSTAPE-5758PET / Acrylic(0.5),(1),(1.5)(2),(3),(4),(5)(0.4),(0.8)11-20Removable
CGSTAPE-5858PET / Silicone(1.5)(2),(3),(4)(0.4)12Removable
CGSTAPE-50PE / Acrylic20.413Removable