3 rolls of amber polyimide film stacked on each other

Polyimide Film (HN)

HN Polyimide exhibits an excellent balance of physical, chemical, and electrical properties over a wide temperature range. It has been successfully used in applications at temperatures as low as -452℉(-269℃) and as high as 752℉(400℃).


• High Electrical Resistance
• High-Temperature Resistance
• Good Chemical Resistance
• Good Solvent Resistance


• Cable&Wires
• Electrical Insulation
• Mechanical Parts
• Electronic Parts


• UL Listed
• Mil-P-46112B
• ASTM D-5213(type 1, Item A)
• ROHS/Reach

Product NumberDescriptionTensile Strength psiElongation(%)Dielectric Strength
CGS-7258(0.5mil)0.5 Mil HN Polyimide Film24,000406000
CGS-7258(1 mil)1  Mil HN Polyimide Film24,000456000
CGS-7258(2 mil)2  Mil HN Polyimide Film24,000505000
CGS-7258(3 mil)3  Mil HN Polyimide Film24,000504500
CGS-7258(4 mil)4  Mil HN Polyimide Film24,000504000
CGS-7258(5 mil)5  Mil HN Polyimide Film24,000503500
CGS-7258(6 mil)6  Mil HN Polyimide Film24,000503500
CGS-7258(7 mil)7  Mil HN Polyimide Film24,000503300
CGS-7258(8 mil)8  Mil HN Polyimide Film24,000503100
CGS-7258(9 mil)9  Mil HN Polyimide Film24,000503000
CGS-7258(10mil)10 Mil HN Polyimide Film24,000503000