Fiberglass Sleeving

Coated braided fiberglass sleeving for Insulation Class B(130℃), Class F(155℃) and Class H(200℃) that meet electrical, as well as thermal and mechanical requirements. We also offer uncoated and resin saturated high temperature, fray-resistant, braided and knitted fiberglass sleeving.


• Resists Cracking or Splitting
• Superior Electrical Properties
• Extremely Flexible
• High Temperature Resistance


• Ideal for Applications Requiring
• Flexibility and Toughness
• Insulating Motor Leads and A Variety of instruments


• UL
• ROHS/Reach

Product Number Backing/Coating Size Grade Dielectric Strength
Class  ℃
CGSTAPE-2158 Fiberglass / Silicone Rubber AWG #24 to 1″ A, B, C1,C2 7000,4000,2500,1500 -70℃ to 200℃
CGSTAPE-2258 Fiberglass / Acrylic AWG #24 to 1″ A, B, C1,C3 7000,4000,2500,1500 -70℃ to 150℃