Cotton Tape

Cotton is strong and cost-effective for a variety of electrical applications. With their heat resistance and insulation property, they are often used as bindings of coils for electrical machinery and appliance.


• Cost Effective
• High Tensile Strength
• Easy and Safe to Handle


• Electrical Insulation
• Cable Wrap and Transformer Winding
• Resin or Shellac Coating Processes

Product Number Backing Thickness
Width (inch) Density (strand/cm) Texture
Nominal Tolerance Warp Weft
CGSTAPE-3258 Cotton 7 1″,2″ ±0.05 27±2 11±1 Plain Weave
CGSTAPE-3258(20) Cotton 20 1″ ±0.05 32±2 42±1 Herring Bone Weave
CGSTAPE-3258(30) Cotton 30 1″ ±0.05 21±2 32±1 Herring Bone Weave