Glass Cloth Tape

Glass cloth tape consists of woven fiberglass backing with pressure sensitive adhesives. It is flexible and varnish absorbent, making it ideal for applications such as high-temperature coil insulation wrapping, harness wrapping, and masking splicing.

  • UL Listed
  • High Mechanical Strength and Adhesion
  • High-Temperature Resistance
  • Clean Removal

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Glass cloth tape has a strong abrasion resistant backing, which provides strength for bundling, harnessing and protection applications requiring high tensile strength. The fiberglass backed tape is designed to perform at high temperatures. It is able to withstand temperatures ranging from -65°F/-54°C to 450°F/232°C, and intermittent temperatures up to 550°F/288°C or higher, depending on the type and duration of the heat source. Glass cloth tape provides the friction needed to stay in place long periods of time. It resists edge fraying and rotting, as well as solvents and abrasions. (Non adhesive version, fiberglass tape)




Product Number Glass Cloth Backing Thickness Adhesive Total Thickness Mils Adhesion to Steel oz/in Dielectric Strength Total Volts Operating Temperature ℃
CGSTAPE-6558 5 Mil Silicone 7 40 3000 260℃
CGSTAPE-6458 5 Mil Acrylic 7 40 3000 260℃
CGSTAPE-6358 5 Mil Rubber 7 40 3000 150℃
CGSTAPE-6258 5 Mil Double Side Silicone 9 30 3000 260℃
CGSTAPE-6058 10 Mil Silicone 12 30 6000 260℃



Glass cloth tape is used in a variety of aerospace, automotive, military, roofing, specialty vehicle, and ship building industries for seaming and sealing panels, high temperature masking, bundling, holding, and harness wrapping.


Glass cloth tapes are most often used in blasting, flame and thermal spray applications. It is highly conformable for masking uneven surfaces or irregular shapes.

Wire Harness

Glass cloth tape can also be used as a wire harness/wrapping tape. They are used for securing and protecting wiring looms used extensively throughout every automobile build. Wire harness tapes and wire wrapping tapes are used for standard automotive technologies such as CD players, air bags and electric windows to modern day luxuries such as TV screens in head rests, electronic heated seats and fuel efficient engines with each device requiring its own level of wiring harness per the application environment and space restrictions.

Glass Cloth tape for Electrical Insulation

Insulating electric and induction-type furnace power supply leads
Insulating motor lead connectors, switchers and controls for furnaces and ovens
Insulation in coil wrapping outerwrap
Helps to provide heat stable insulation for hot spot applications

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