Fiber Glass Tape

Woven fiberglass tapes have a wide range of uses in the electrical equipment market. They provide excellent tensile strength, electrical insulation, thermal insulation, dimensional stability and thermal endurance.


• Heat, Spark and Flame Resistant
• Superior Electrical Properties
• High Tensile Strength
• Low Thermal Conductivity


• Insulating, Consolidating and Finishing Tapes in All Types of Electrical Equipment

Product NumberBackingThickness
Width (inch)Density (strand/cm)Tensile Strength lbs(N/cm)Texture
CGS-3357Fiberglass43/4″, 1″±0.0522±111±1228(400)Plain Weave
CGS-3358Fiberglass51″, 2″±0.0527±211±1340(600)Plain Weave
CGS-3458Fiberglass71″, 1.5″±0.0520±110±1397(700)Plain Weave
CGS-3558Fiberglass101″, 1.5″±0.0519±111±1450(800)Plain Weave