CGS conductive Grid tape provides non-sparking surfaces both inside and outside. Conductive Grid is buried between two static dissipating copolymer substrates that will not shed, crack, flake or rub off. CGS conductive tape can be used on packing requesting EMI shielding, sealing ESD packaging and containers. It can be used on a grounded tape dispenser, voltage generated by unrolling will effectively be reduced to zero. It can be used as ESD symbols for ESD awareness.

  • Anti-Static

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ESD Packing Tapes were developed to protect static sensitive products from static electricity generated by triboelectricity in semiconductors and electronics factories when the tape is unrolled or removed from various objects and they generate very low static voltage.



Product Number Backing  Adhesive  Total Thickness Mils (mm) Adhesion to Steel oz/in (N/cm) Tensile Strength lbs/in (N/cm)  Elongation (%)  Static Charge Volts Operating Temperature ℃
CGSTAPE-5952 Conductive Grid Copolymer Acrylic 2 (0.0508) 25 (2.8) 25 (44) 50 <50 60℃
CGSTAPE-5953 Transparent Cellulose Rubber 2 (0.0508) 66 (7.4) 25 (44) 18 <250 66℃
CGSTAPE-5954 Printed Transparent Cellulose Rubber 2 (0.0508) 66 (7.4) 25 (44) 18 <250 66℃




ESD Packaging Tapes are ideal for general packaging in environments where static charge is an issue. They are coated with a solvent based natural rubber adhesive, which provides excellent tack and holding power. ESD Tapes are perfect for the electronics industry since they are virtually static free and can be used to close inner boxes and wrap electronic components. They are available as clear tape as well as ESD tape with an ESD symbol printed on it.