Electrical fiberglass sleeving

Electrical fiberglass sleeving for insulation class B(130℃), Class F(155℃) and Class H(200℃) that meet electrical, as well as thermal and mechanical requirements. We also offer uncoated and resin saturated high temperature, fray-resistant, braided and knitted fiberglass sleeving.

  • Superior Electrical Properties
  • Extremely Flexible
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • UL Listed

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Electrical fiberglass sleeving is a flexible, high temperature primary or secondary insulation made from closely braided, continuous filament fiberglass which has been heat-cleaned to remove impurities in the yarn. Acrylic or silicone resin binders are applied for color coding and to further retard fraying and to hold sleeving round for cutting. This fiberglass insulation is unaffected indefinitely through a temperature range from -60 to 316°C (-76 to 601°F) and withstand up to 616°C (1141°F) for shorter periods.



Product Number Backing/Coating Size Grade Dielectric Strength Volts Insulation Class
CGSTAPE-2158 Fiberglass / Silicone Rubber AWG #24 to 1″ A, B, C1,C2 7000,4000,2500,1500 Class H
CGSTAPE-2258 Fiberglass / Acrylic AWG #24 to 1″ A, B, C1,C3 7000,4000,2500,1500 Class F



Electrical fiberglass sleeving is made from glass fibers and is used for thermal and mechanical protection in consumer, commercial and industrial applications where flexibility, abrasion resistance or insulation is required and particularly when temperature extremes prohibit the use of other materials. Typical applications include: insulation of leads in carbon brushes, irons, and other small heating appliances; thermal sensor leads; thermal and mechanical protection of automotive wire harnesses and insulated wires in appliances.

Acrylic fiberglass sleevings are used to insulate leads and crossovers in fractional and integral horsepower motors. They also are used in dry and oil-filled transformers, generators and other moisture-sensitive equipment, as well as in home appliances, lighting fixtures, instrument circuits and controls. Additional uses include switchgear, breaker panels, welding equipment and other commercial apparatus subjected to continuous operating temperatures of 155°C, particularly those requiring insulation system compatibility.

Silicone rubber fiberglass sleeving is used in appliances, motors and generators as well as in automotive, marine and aircraft electrical and electronic components such as transformers, coils, relays, etc. where a 200°C thermal rating is required, in addition to being well-suited as heavy-duty insulation where subjected to high heat, such as in die-casting and plastic molding.

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