Copper Tape

CGS 9698/9798 copper tape features a 1.3 mil copper foil backing and 1.3 mil pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Suitable for a very broad range of industrial and electrical applications.

  • Aggressive acrylic adhesive (Conductive or Non-conductive)
  • Excellent shielding effectiveness
  • Malleable copper foil backing

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CGS copper tape consists of a copper foil backing and pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. The copper foil backing is extremely malleable and accepts solder, making it suitable for a broad range of industrial and electrical applications. The tape comes in both conductive and non-conductive acrylic adhesives and both are very aggressive and deliver excellent adhesion. This combination of backing and adhesive makes this tape an ideal choice for EMI/RFI shielding and static discharge applications including printed circuit board manufacture and repair. It is also supplied on a removable paper liner for easy handling and die-cutting.

CGS adhesive copper foil tape can be produced in gauges and thicknesses ranging from .002” to .005”. Available in conductive and non-conductive adhesives. Copper tape can also be die-cut, according to your drawing, on strips or in pieces . Almost every shape and size is possible.




Product Number Backing  Adhesive Total Thickness Mils Adhesion to Steel oz/in Shielding Effectiveness
CGSTAPE-9698 Copper Nonconductive Acrylic 2.6 40 50dB-60dB(30MHz-1GHz)
CGSTAPE-9798 Copper Conductive Acrylic 2.6 35 60dB-80dB(30MHz-1GHz)



Copper tape has many uses including EMI shielding, arts and crafts, paper circuits, electrical repairs and grounding. It also acts as a repellent for slugs and snails to keep plants, flowers and vegetables safe. When large surfaces are to be shielded, it is recommended to cover most of the surface with copper foil.

Copper Tape for EMI/RFI Shielding

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding is used in electrical parts to reduce the electromagnetic induction in a field. Copper foil tape is usually used to block the field as it is one of the finest magnetic materials. Many factors influence the actual effectiveness of an EMI/RFI shielding tape after it has been applied, such as the type and thickness of foil, type of adhesive, closeness of contact, smoothness of application surface, strength, and frequency of the EMI/RFI signal, etc.

Guitar Shielding

Avoid interference caused by ineffective conductive shielding paint. Use to shield the pickup and control cavities of a guitar. Perfect solution for EMI, EMF & RFI shielding.


Great for stained glass window making, scrapbooking, outdoor garden and home interior decorations.

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