Polyimide films are synthesized by polymerizing an aromatic dianhydride and an aromatic diamine. This construction allows the product to boast several performance features. Including excellent electrical, thermal, physical and chemical properties over a wide temperature range. Common brand names include Kapton, Vespel and Apical.

CGS can supply film in thickness of 0.5 mil to 10 mil, in various coating/additive such as ESD, aluminum, thermal conductive and FEP fluoropolymer. CGS also have other color besides the standard amber color, like black, white, clear and red.

Polyimide can be used in a vast variety of applications. It is an effective substrate for flexible printing circuits, capacitor insulation, transformer, bar-code labels, and sensors. They can also be used for wire and cable tapes, motor slot liners, magnetic wire insulation, magnetic and pressure-sensitive tapes, and tubing.


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Polyimide film

Polyimide Film(HN)

Polyimide Film (HN) HN Polyimide exhibits an excellent balance of physical, chemical, and electrical properties over a wide temperature range.…

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ESD Polyimide Film

ESD Polyimide Film CGS-7758 Anti-static treated polyimide film offers outstanding thermal resistance and excellent electrical insulating properties. It is coated…

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