Tape & Film Slitting

Slitting involves spinning large log rolls of adhesive tape while a computer-guided blade slits rolls to your desired width. CGS has the custom tape slitting capabilities to convert various flexible materials and pressure sensitive adhesives to customized width. CGS has multiple slitting machines, all equipped with computer-controlled servomotor to ensure that we can maintain our own high standards of quality as well as meet our customers’ specifications. Which allows us to customize a solution that makes the most efficient use of the material and provides the best solution for our customers.


Slitting Method

Lathe Slitting also referred to as baloney, lever or single-knife slitting, is the process of spinning a log of film or adhesive tape on a stationary mandrel at high speed while a circular blade slices the material to the specified width.

Rewind Slitting uses score, shear or razor methods, and produces multiple cuts per cycle.

  • Razer Slitting use a single rotary blades positioned at stationary intervals across the machine. The material is pulled through the stationary blades, making precise, clean cuts. Razor slitting is best suited for films and thinner materials of consistent thickness.
  • Shear Slitting uses two rotary knives that function in the same way as a pair of scissors. The material is cut at the junction of the two sharp edges and is ideal for paper, foil, and heavier gauge materials.
  • Score Slitting uses circular knives pressed against a steel cylinder or mandrel.  The material is then pulled through, passing between the knives and the mandrel. Score cutting is more appropriate for materials of inconsistent thickness.


Slitting is ideal for the following material:


Slitting services are utilized in many applications across many industries, which include:

  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Specialty industries
  • Manufacturing
  • HVAC
  • Packaging
  • Aerospace