What is Anti-Static/ESD?

Anti-static or Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) refers to measures, materials, and techniques used to prevent or minimize the build-up of static electricity and protect sensitive electronic components from static discharge. Static electricity is the stationary electric charge typically caused by friction or separation of materials, and it can cause a sudden discharge when a charged object comes into contact with another object. This discharge can damage or destroy sensitive electronic components, leading to device failure.

PCB polyimide

Benefits of Die Cutting

Save time for production

We have been in operation since 2000, and we have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of clients. Along with our products including Kapton tape and Polyimide film, we also provide services such as slitting and laminating.

Uniformity, Accurate and Repeatable

Our customers are our top priority. We strive to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships through our products and services. We look at each customer as a partner, because we genuinely believe that their success is our success.

Complex Shapes

Beyond positive reviews and excellent customer feedback, we are a fully certified and accredited company who can supply and convert insulation films and tapes.

Lower Cost

Everything we do at CGS is fast. Same day shipping, quotes, prototype & answers.

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